The Ma Miller's Pub/Goldstream Inn story

The Goldstream Hotel (Inn) and now Ma Miller's Pub has been a namesake in Langford, British Columbia for a long time; since 1864 to be exact. 

Although the building has been lost to fire two times since its original build, the 1930's building still stands proud nestled in the Goldstream Meadows. 

Tucked away from Langford centre, this quaint pub has become a favourite for hikers at the nearby Mount Wells, Goldstream Park or commuters coming up and down the island via the Trans Canada Highway. 

The pub originally got its name from a very entrepreneurial women in 1923--Mrs. May Greening-Miller or more affectionately known by patrons as 'Ma'. She was progressive for her time in her endeavors to run such a business and to serve alcohol during a time of prohibition. Her efforts were found by much opposition from the community. May did not give up and she opened the fully licensed pub and ran it as such with her niece, Daisy Cairns for many years.

May's legacy lives on in the name but the spirits often felt in the pub say maybe there's more...


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